The purpose of this website is to collect, and display historical evidence about Wardle and Watergrove and its people.

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Sources of historical evidence are wide-ranging, diverse and can be found in many forms from the earliest written and printed records to photographic images which became widely available from the late 19c onwards.

One of the most detailed records of Early Modern Wardle can be found in the Rochdale Manor Survey which was carried out in 1626 to record the holdings of the chief tenants of the crown lands by the then owner of the manor, Sir Robert Heath, prior to its sale to Sir John Byron in 1638.

The survey identifies the major tenants, the amount of rent they paid and the size, name and location of their holdings. Many of the 1626 place names recorded are still in use today Place names

The geographical area of Wardle is roughly circumscribed by the index map included with the 1626 survey Index Map

The civil administration boundaries can be found defined by the description of the 1841 Census, Enumeration Districts for Wuerdle and Wardle Description

One of the earliest records which identifies the community of Watergrove can be found in the Salford Quarter Session records of 1840, when the surveyors John Stott and Thomas Bamford of Wardle township made an application to divert the highway near a manufactory called Watergrove. Notice

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