About the Chapel

Laying of corner stone and opening of Primitive Methodist Chapel at Sleighty.
Rochdale Observer 3 April 1869.
On Saturday last the corner stone of a new Primitive Methodist Chapel was laid by Henry Bamford, of Wardle. Scholars, teachers and friends met in a small warehouse at Crossfield Mill, belonging to Mr Bamford and used as a school and preaching room. The whole Company marched in procession to the new site at Newhouse, at the top of Birch Road, and often re­ferred to as Sleighty. After the ceremony a tea meeting was held in the Wesleyan school room.

Rochdale Observer 26 June 1869.
On Sunday last the above place of worship was opened for divine worship when three sermons were preach­ed; morning and evening by Rev E Bishop and afternoon by Rev W Wilkinson. Col­lections came to £12 5s 0d.
Mr John Ashworth, author of;Strange Tales, lectured on Monday evening on;Travels in Jerusalem and the East, attendance was so large that many people could not gain ad­mittance, the night being fine.
The chapel is a plain brick building designed to accom­modate 120 persons. Esti­mated cost being £300.


Wardle Urban District Council

council offices

Old Council Offices at Sleighty, originally built as Primitive Methodist Chapel in 1869More

Extracts from the Wardle Urban District Council Year Book, 1970-71.

Under The Local Goverment Act of 1972 Wardle Urban District Council was abolished and on the 1 April 1974 was incorporated into Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council.

Vehicles from Wardle fleet handed over to RMBC in 1974.
One retaining its original Wardle UDC lettering.


Image courtesy of G.Bottomley