Wardle Agricultural Show

show catalogue

Wardle Agricultural Show or known locally as Wardle Cattle Show first exhibited in 1837. It was reported to be the oldest show of its kind in Lancashire.
The show was usually held during Wardle Wakes which were the first 2 weeks in September.

The image shown below was taken in 1913 from close to the site of the old Trap Inn and is thought to be of the 76th and last show ever held.


Exhibitors at the show came mainly from across Lancashire and Yorkshire.
Catalogued entries in the 1897 show ranged from large farm animals to dogs, cats, fowl and vegetables.
1897 Wardle exhibitors with entries in the Cattle, Horse and Sheep classes.

The Show field was also used by the Wardle Cricket Club until 1972.
Whit Friday sports also took place on the same field.