Artist's Records of Features that
have changed or vanished

Local artists have recorded, through the medium of watercolors and drawings, features and places of historical interest that have disappeared or significantly altered mostly during the middle decades of the 20c. It is not known if the artists reconstructed their subjects from memory, from photographs or were actually able to paint the scenes live.

The Watercolours and Drawings are attributed to the late W.S.Edwards and E.H.Mellodew. Copies are held in the archives of the Wardle and Smallbridge History Group.

  • Holly St Brewery. Very little is known about the history of this brewery. The detailed ordnance survey map of 1848 shows buildings on the site along side Wardle Brook but their use is not recorded. Joseph Butterworth, a Brewer, is enumerated in the 1891 census as living at 2 Holly St.
  • Holly Street. Brewery Location c1929 Map
  •  Site of Holly Street Brewery 2015
  • Old Brickworks
  • Old Brickworks Location Map c1929
  • Old Brickworks Chimney seen from Crossfield Allotments c1962
  • Brown Cow and CottagesThree cottages once occupied the space between numbers 19 and 21 Wardle Fold. The cottages were numbered 7, 9 and 11 Off-Wardle Fold. Demolition took place between 1949 and 1955.
  • Brown Cow Cottages Location Map
  • Brown Cow 2015. Showing where cottages once stood
  • Butterworths YardThe 1949 Electors Register records eligible voters resident at house numbers 2,4,and 6 Butterworths Yard.
  • Butterworths location Map
  • Where Butterworths Yard once stood behind the Hare and Hounds 2015
  • Clough StreetThe artist has shown only 3 terraced cottage. There were actually 4 terraced back to back dwellings. An aerial photograph of 1967 records demolition in progress.
  • Clough Street 2015
  • The stump of East Hill flag pole.From memory the flag pole was located close to the boundary wall of East Top directly above Wood End. Nothing is known about its origins or on what occasions it might have been used.
  • Probable site of East Hill flag pole 2015
  • Entrance to Crossfield Mill
  • Site of entrance to Crossfield Mill 2015
  • Meeks Blacksmiths Shop. The Fullers Arms and Elija Rackliffes Barbers shop.The Fullers Arms, 95 Ramsden Road, was demolished in the 1960's to provide an access road to the newly built Alpine Drive and Pennine Drive. Founder members of the Wardle Historical Society rescued the brewing vat which was once used to brew beer on the premises and it was taken to Bank Barn Cottages. After restoration the vat was moved to be displayed at the home of the Wardle and Smallbridge History Group. Elijah Ratcliffe's Hairdressing business is shown to be at 101 Ramsden Road by the 1911 census.
  • Site of The Fullers Arms 2015
  • Harry Cloggers 122 Ramsden Road and The Midland BankHarry Howarth's Cloggers shop was located on the corner with Hartley Street. The Midland Bank was next door to the right.
  • Site of Harry Cloggers and Midland Bank. 2015
  • The Globe and Butchers shop with the Saw Mill chimney to the rear
  • Location map of c1929 showing site of Saw Mill
  • Site of Saw Mill 2015
  • Higher WardleThe last tenants moved out of High Wardle in March 1935 and it now lies in ruins after being blown up shortly afterwards due to the construction of Watergrove Reservoir.
  • Site of Higher Wardle 2015
  • Lee Bridge over Higher Slack BrookLee bridge was wide enough to carry horse drawn vehicles. It replaced the original footbridge.
  • Site of Lee Bridge 2015
  • Ore Spout and cottagesLocated in an elevated position to the side of 15 Wardle Fold stood three cottages, numbered 1, 3 and 5 Off-Wardle Fold. Water could be once obtained from a stone trough supplied by Ore Spout located in the barn yard below the cottages. The cottages were demolished between 1934 and 1949 and the barn in 2003.
  • Location Map of Ore spout and cottages c1929.
  • Site of Ore Spot 2015
  • Sheriff Hall.Numbers 308 to 316 Ramsden RoadThe houses numbered 312 to 316 were back to back with 1 to 3 Sheriff Hall. The brick built dwellings 312 to 316 where demolished in the mid 1980's
  • Sheriff Hall 2015
  • St James Tavern 131 Ramsden Road and Butchers shop.St James's Tavern is first identified as being at this address from the 1891 census. The first household enumerated at the Tavern can be found from the 1871 census. It would appear that, sometime between 1930 and 1934, Thomas Tattersall moved his butchering business from 139 to 131 Ramsden Road.
  • Site of St James Tavern 2015
  • Spring Gardens Inn. Wardle Fold.The Inn once occupied the large building in the centre. Sometime, between 1911 and 1934 the building was split into two dwellings. They were numbered 36 and 38 Wardle Fold.
  • Site of Spring Gardens Inn. 2015
  • The Trap Inn and Farm. 337 and 339 Ramsden Road.339 was inhabited until 1949. 337 was used as a canteen by the Watermen. Both properties were demolished in the late 1960's
  • Trap Inn Site 2015
  • Wardle Tennis Club Pavillion.There were two courts accessed from Crossfield Road
  • Location of Tennis Courts and Pavillion c1929.
  • Tennis players c1930
  • Location of Tennis courts 2015.